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One Ride...

“I am excited to think that my small monthly donation makes someone smile and their hunger is satisfied.”


Or One Visit at a Time.

“The older generation has great lessons to teach all of us if we only take a moment to hear what they have to say.”


March for Meals Community Champions Week is March 16 - 20

m4m-logo-rgbWe are joining others all across America in March for Meals, when  Mayors and community leaders show their concern for seniors and support for Meals on Wheels.
In America, 9.3 million seniors struggle with hunger and isolation. And in Contra Costa County, 25,000 seniors are hungry and nearly 1,000 report feeling lonely.

Debra Mason, Bay Point Municipal Advisory Committee Member, Will McGarvey, Executive Director, Interfaith Council of Contra Costa with MOW volunteer drivers, Ida and Tom Thomason.

Jane Peterson and Fr. Mangini

Meals on Wheels Client, Jane Anderson, with St. Bonaventure’s Father Mangini.

Fr. Mangini_Alexander and Hilda Montesclaros

Father Mangini with Meals on Wheels Clients Alexander and Hilda Montesclaros with Meals on Wheels Volunteer Driver, Steve McMurdo.

Mayor Carlson, Bob Berggren and Jennifer Rossi

Pleasant Hill Mayor, Ken Carlson, Meals on Wheels Volunteer Driver, Bob Berggren, and “Inside Pleasant Hill” Anchor, Jennifer Grossi, prepare for a meal delivery.

Katie Copsey, Epseranza Peckham, Renee Morgan, Dave Mowry

Home Care Assistance Care Manager, Katie Copsey, Delivers a Meal to Meals on Wheels Client, Esperanza Peckham with help from Danville Council Member, Renee Morgan and Meals on Wheels Volunteer, Dave Mowry.