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One Ride...

“I am excited to think that my small monthly donation makes someone smile and their hunger is satisfied.”


Or One Visit at a Time.

“The older generation has great lessons to teach all of us if we only take a moment to hear what they have to say.”


Please Join Us at the 2015 Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

We’re celebrating all of our wonderful volunteers with a picnic on Thursday, June 18! Thank you to our sponsors! Volunteers, please RSVP by Jun 11.

Bday ladies at picnic with elaine and carol

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Senior Rally Day is May 6 at State Capitol, Sacramento

Join with us and the Senior Coalitions of Contra Costa to urge our state legislators to make seniors a priority in 2015 and beyond. Reinvest in the Older Californians Act. To reserve your seat on the bus from Concord, call 925-284-6161 by April 30. For a seat on the bus from Richmond, call 510-231-8690.


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